Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter to family 12-17-205

Hey I here to just say I survived my flight to California and I'm loving it here.  It is so cool.  My trainer is a saddle bronc rider from Nevada and is super cool too.  I'm loving the mission field so far.  We are going to go meet my first investigators here in about an hour.  I am so pumped. How's everyone doing?  
      Oh and we are allowed to listen to music as long it is clean :)  There are two artists I have found you should look up too.   The first is a 12 year old girl named Lexi Walker.  Her voice is AMAZING!  If you asked me her two best songs are The last Noel and Oh Holy Night.  She sang live for us at the Christmas Devotional.  I would love if you could get me a CD of hers if you can find it.  The other people are a band call Pentonixs.  They do remixes of songs and I they are so cool to listen too.  Also you CAN have guitars here and I was wondering if there was anyway you guys to get mine down here...pretty please???
       So I guess I get to go meet more people, I'll talk to ya later! See ya!

Elder Jared Noyes

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