Monday, February 9, 2015

Christmas Message from California Riverside Mission

December 4, 2014

Dear Families of our California Riverside Missionaries,

            We are really enjoying the opportunity to work side by side with your sons and daughters.  It is remarkable to watch them as they serve the Lord here in this part of his vineyard.  We often wish that you could see them as they teach investigators and as they train each other.  You would be pleased.  The Lord is truly magnifying their abilities.

            We thank you for the emails and letters you send to your missionary.  Your support to them means so much.  Thank you also for your prayers in their behalf.  As the holidays draw near our missionaries are looking forward to talking with their families on Christmas day.  Please be sure to co-ordinate in your emails a time to call your missionary so that he/she will know when and how you will be in touch.

On October 14th and 15th Elder David Evans, executive director of the Missionary Department, toured our mission.  He trained with us for two days, meeting with half the mission at a time.  We were grateful for the vision of missionary work he shared with us and for the guidance he offered.

Every Sunday (and on other days too!) there are baptisms here in the mission.  We are so grateful for those that the Lord prepares to hear the Word.  It is a sweet thing to see a new member take his first steps in the gospel.  Your missionary has been by his side and will stay with him as he progresses toward the temple.  These are treasured relationships.

We send our love to each of you during this special season of the year.  We are grateful for your willingness to send your son or daughter, your brother or sister to serve here with us.  May each of you feel a special joy this year because of the gift you are offering through your missionary.

With love,

President John and Sister Jana Mullen

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